Posted by: Lance Vaughn | February 18, 2007

Hello, friends and family!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I finally let go of the guard rail and have taken the plunge into the deep blogosphere abyss. I do hereby declare… ahem… my intention to keep friends and family “current” with photos and news of our fun-filled lives in Austin. I intend to use Flickr to share photos and this blog to share news. From what I’ve read, you can integrate the two. Hello, Web 2.0! The world is changing — pay attention. In the relative near future you can expect to hear me spouting such terms as folksonomy, crowdsourcing, technorati, microformats and the list goes on. I am interested in participating in the future of structured blogging as it relates to… Well, more on this later.

Kristin and I made a quick trip to New Mexico this weekend to visit her parents and celebrate her mother’s birthday. The weekend has been full of gastronomic indulgence and special celebration.

Our new house in-process is scheduled to receive the final touches on its exterior this weekend, so we’re looking forward to returning to Austin to see the progress firsthand. You can expect photos promptly.

Keep in touch!


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