Posted by: Lance Vaughn | February 19, 2007

The masonry is nearly complete…

Well, let’s see if this works. I am emailing a photo of the house. Flickr will then, in turn, send the photo to my blog and post this message as the body of the blog. What does all this mean in the Web 2.0 world? No more walled gardens. Open system architectures using standard protocols. Did you notice the viral marketing? I just told you about Flickr and they didn’t pay a cent. Those darn disruptors — they’re changing everything.

Update: Well, it worked, but it wasn’t pretty. I had to clean up the post from within WordPress. Line break issues and orphaned html. Oh well, it’s nice to know that even the market leaders are still trying to get it right. And all for YOU, the once powerless and abused layman — now, master of the online domain.

So, Kristin and I have made it home safely and drove by to get a look at the house today. We were disappointed that the external stone wasn’t complete, but it was nice to see continued progress. We noticed that the masonry workers were putting white keystones above the front ground floor windows and promptly called the construction supervisor to get them removed.

The drywall was put up over the weekend and looks really nice. It was cool to walk through the house and have a real sense of rooms size, ambience, etc. We’re really excited about the kitchen and can’t wait for the cabinets and counter tops to be installed. The tile work should also begin soon.

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