Posted by: Lance Vaughn | March 3, 2007

Weird Wedding


What a crazy day! First, we met some of our new Austin friends for lunch at Sampaio’s, a Brazilian restaurant, to celebrate my birthday. My birthday, of course, was over a month ago, but this seems to be the way this group of friends does things. “Tradition,” they say.

Well, afterwards, we went to the second annual Austin Chocolate Festival out in the Texas hill country where we filled our bellies with chocolately goodness until our bells dinged. The crowd there was not what you’d expect. I guess it’s the whole Keep Austin Weird thing, but we were surrounded by tattoos and peircings and female armpit hair — you know the type. At first we were a bit put out cuz we were all about enjoying our chocolate the way chocolate was meant to be enjoyed, with jazz and coffee. But, these guys kinda rubbed off on us and next thing you know Kristin’s slammin a 40 and I’m hootin’ and hollerin’.

Well, come to find out, this crazy couple is getting married down the hill at the Dulcinea Chapel. Beautiful place. They invited us to join them for their three minute ceremony and fifty-seven minute reception immediately following. I guess they only had the place rented for an hour, so they wanted to get in, get married and get hammered. What a great time! Here’s a photo of the bride and groom posing with one of their good friends. The guy in the middle looks like a total loser, but he was so smart — he could spell your name in hexadecimal. Backwards.

eyebrow.jpg Truthbot has reason to suspect that one or more items in this post may have been fabricated or stretched for entertainment purposes.


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