Posted by: Lance Vaughn | March 4, 2007

Lea Update, Lea Update, Lea Update

I have started helping my father with his new blog. I agreed to enter all of the historical “Lea Updates” so that he can share his testimony with the world. 180 blog entries. It won’t be fun, but it will help him move forward instead of worrying about how-this and how-that. We’re shutting down his two websites and getting him back to just one blog. Now he can focus on one medium for his ministry. I’m hoping this will help him on his journey with the Lord.

On a related note, my parents will finally be heading back to Indiana in a few weeks. They went to Hawaii in early November and my mother fell and broke her leg/hip. I thank God every day that our family was there to support them while she healed. Yet another vacation gone awry. But nothing could ever compare to the absolute Hell they went through in Hartford.



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