Posted by: Lance Vaughn | March 16, 2007

House Update

Mercedes Homes calls me every Friday morning with an update on the house. Thought I would pass along today’s update.

Little to no progress has been made on replacing the stone on the front of the house, but they promise that they are working on it. They are currently trying to locate more medium tone stone that matches the rest of the house. This glitch should not affect the overall project schedule or move-in date.

The trim and doors have been installed and painted. (I’ll post a photo this weekend.) The next step is to install the granite counter tops, which should occur early next week. The bathroom counter tops, however, may be delayed another week due to supply constraints.

By the end of March, we can expect to see the hardwood floors installed, then the fireplace stone and floor tile. Also, we can expect to have a scheduled closing date very soon. At this point we’re looking at mid-to-late May.

This weekend, Kristin and I may order couches for the living room and media room, since it may take two months to have them manufactured and delivered. We need to check the dimensions and confirm that the fabric is feline-compatible. We found extra-comfy couches at Pottery Barn and are considering a suede material, which is supposedly the most durable and stain-resistant. We’re looking at the Oat color for the downstairs living room which will have dark wood floors and Clove for the media room which will have beige carpet. The couch in the media room will be a “sleeper” and arranged in either an L or U fashion. The downstairs living room will be a crescent shape, which I’m really excited about.



  1. Sounds good to me-yeah, definitely make sure it’s cat-proof and cleanable!

    Can’t wait to see the house!

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