Posted by: Lance Vaughn | March 20, 2007



It occured to me tonight one of the reasons that I love music so much. It’s a way to approach life… a way to define life… a way that cannot be constructed or constrained by anyone else. It’s yours. If you like a song, it’s okay. No one can say it’s not right. It’s yours. You embrace it, wrap yourself up in it and drift away in its rhythm.

I think of a story I once heard of an elderly woman in an assisted living facility. She had no friends. Laying there at the end of her life and still no friends. Her disposition, perhaps rightfully so, was one of negativity. She had no choice — life had dealt her a sour hand. She had no friends and couldn’t even make friends with the nurses who were paid to be her friend. What was the one thing she wanted? A puppy.

Isn’t that what we all want? A puppy? To be loved and appreciated unconditionally? Nice. Well, a puppy may not be perfect for all of us… and a puppy may not always be a reasonable option… but I believe this is where music falls.

Where music falls.

Something personal and perfect for you… Makes you feel loved… It doesn’t judge you. It is what it is… and it is for you. No one else can touch it.

Well, here is some music from me to you. I’m not sure what you’re gonna hear, but I did my best… beneath this beautiful shady tree. If anything, it’s something for you to hear. From me. If Alexi Murdoch plays, it’s no coincidence.


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