Posted by: Lance Vaughn | March 23, 2007

Joe and His Heart, Driving My Parents

My parents arrived back in Indiana today after a long vacation in Hawaii. They were picked up at the airport by their good friends Pat & Joe. These friendly folks are the same people with whom they went on vacation to Maine in 2005. On the way back from this vacation, Joe began experiencing chest pains while driving, and… six months later… my parents finally make it back home to Indiana. It’s a long story, and can all be read on my Dad’s blog.

Well, back to today. So, they were driving home on the loop around Indianapolis, 60 mph in six lanes of rush hour traffic, and Joe, driving again, has another heart attack and blacks out. No kidding. My Mom, sitting in the front passenger seat, is miraculously alert enough to grab the wheel and direct them along the median and away from oncoming traffic. She pushes his leg off the accelerator… and they slowly coast to a stop in the mud.

Three hours later, Joe is stable, and my parents are driving home from the hospital. No kidding.

I’m gonna call this the end of Act II of what is obviously an unfathomable story. Thank you Stephen King. Can’t wait for the soundtrack.

For the longer version of this bizarre anecdote, go here.


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