Posted by: Lance Vaughn | April 2, 2007

Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow


Scott Leger of Wideawake submitted his song Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow to the International Songwriting Competition and won grand prize! You can download the song for free, or support the fight against cancer by purchasing it for $1 from iTunes. 100% of the proceeds go to LiveStrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Upon learning of a friend’s cancer diagnosis, Scott wrote this song both as a personal coping mechanism and as a way to honor cancer survivors across the world. According to Leger, the song is dedicated not only to his friend but also to the millions of people affected by cancer. His hope is that the song will encourage people everywhere to live life to its fullest, whether they are dealing with cancer or any other challenge. The song was debuted at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala in front of a room full of VIP’s including former President Bill Clinton. In addition to its lyrical content, the song’s memorable chorus and strong pop sensibility resonated with the ISC judges, culminating in it being awarded this year’s Grand Prize.

Congratulations to Scott for this amazing accomplishment! Some of you may recall that Scott and Eddie from Wideawake played at our wedding. I’d like to say “Thank You!” again for a performance Kristin and I will never forget!!


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