Posted by: Lance Vaughn | April 13, 2007

We’re Pregnant!

Some of our friends may have wondered why we haven’t been going out as much lately… or why Kristin hasn’t had wine when we went out to dinner. Well, now you know! We’re pregnant, baby!! (And we do mean baby!)

We found out on February 8th and promptly took the photo above. It’s been two months of praying and holding our breath — we’re not perfect! Our due date is October 25th. Kristin is about to enter into her second trimester and, at this point, feeling great! As far as names are concerned, we’ve chosen Benjamin Lucas for a boy and we’re still thinking about girl names… maybe Amelia, Leah, or Holly

Last week we rented a fetal doppler monitor from BellyBeats to hear our baby’s heartbeat without having to wait for our 12-week doctor’s appointment. Here’s a quick video of the very first time we heard it! The woosh-woosh sound is the baby’s blood flow. When you hear the sound of horse’s hooves… or the sound of a steam locomotive… THAT’s the baby’s heart! … approximately 140 bpm … perfect!

We’ve really enjoyed having the doppler and listening to our baby’s heartbeat every night before bed. In addition to the heart, you can also hear fetal movement. Kristin is still trying to grasp the idea of having another living being inside her and is looking forward to being able to feel him moving around. (For the record, we alternate between calling the baby him and her.) We’ve decided to find out the gender in week 20 when that option is available. We’ll also post a video of the sonogram!

Today we went to our 12-week checkup and everything appears to be going as scheduled! Mom & Dad & Baby are all doing well! We’re getting a little chubby, but HEY that’s part of the fun! No more salmon sashimi or sauvignon blanc, but bring on the Hamburger Helper and tall glass of milk!

Stay posted for more family fun! It feels great to finally be able to spread the news! YAY!!



  1. Great news you two. New house and a new baby. What more could you ask for?
    Charlotte and I will pray that you have an uneventful pregnancy and delivery of a healthy child.

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