Posted by: Lance Vaughn | April 26, 2007

BLV Joins Jack Johnson On Stage

“…see the heart there moving…”

“…in the normal range…”

84mm from head to rump

NB = nasal bone (see arrow)

“…we got one…”

sucking thumb

waving hello

we may have a boy (see arrow)

“…hard to tell…”

BLV = Benjamin Lucas Vaughn

BLV = Believe



  1. Praise God! What a wonderful experience to be able to see this video for ourselves, and feel the excitement grow within ourselves. Isn’t it simply amazing that we can see a fetus, only four inches in length, already displaying personality! Glory to God. We can not fathom His goodness and can only give heartfelt thanks for this indescribly beautiful gift with which we have been blessed.

    Father, bless this child with healthiness as it continues to develop. We know that you have already planned the life of this child, and we pray that You will receive much glory as this lifetime unfolds. We thank You for this blessing, Father, and ask that you give each of us, friends and family, the wisdom to properly perform our roles in the life of this child. We ask, Lord, that this child be given wonderous personal gifts through which You may continually be revealed to others. Bless the mother and father, too, as they prepare for the arrival of this soul-humbling miracle. Equip them with compassion and harmony as they take up the challenge of walking with You in their new role as parents, that You might be glorified in their home.

    These things we humbly lift up to you, Lord, through the selfless blood shed by Your Son, our savior, Jesus Christ. Blessed be the Father! Blessed be the Son! Amen.

  2. We have been chosen to become a part of this young Family and witness the wonderous gift the Lord Jesus has bestowed upon us. I lift this precious gift up toward heaven and place in his hands. We ask for his loving hands to hold our precious baby in loving care. We pray that the mother and father will have a shower of blessings as the life of our new baby begins. Without you Lord Jesus, we would be nothing. In his precious name I pray.

  3. I don’t think it’s hard to tell; looks like a BLV to me! What a precious new life; really beautiful. How could there be any doubt that human life has already begun? Can you imagine aborting such an exquisite being? Can’t wait to hold him in my arms!

    Mom N

  4. Brought tears to my eyes.

  5. Hello Lance, the last time I saw you was in Indianapolis. Your High School was playing against Concord High School in a championship game. Do you remember Uncle Dave and I being there? Wow how time flies. I wanted to see the newest Vaughn thats the reason for the look-see.Hope Benjamin is doing well as well as the new parents. Is there any sign of red hair? Gene,your grandfather had lots of it,anyway have a great holiday and God Bless your new family.Great Aunt Jo

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