Posted by: Lance Vaughn | May 17, 2007

100 Hour Photo Stream

I’ll be sending photos from my phone to Flickr over the next 100 hours as we go to our final walkthrough, finish packing, go to closing, move in, unpack, receive deliveries and get settled. This should be fun! We hope you enjoy the snapshots of our journey as much as we (God willing) enjoy the journey itself! Stay tuned in!



  1. Hi Lance,

    Thanks for letting us accompany you and Kristin on this exciting journey to your dream home! Almost as good as being there!

    Mom N

  2. I love the photos of Ruthie watching the Spurs! Good luck with the rest of the move. Tell Julie hello for us!

    Mom N

  3. Gorgeous furniture-great taste, you guys!

    The grill looks familiar-I think Angel wants a steak!

    Mom N

  4. Nice rug! Is that the cross Marie Walker gave you? Nice! Love that comfort food!


  5. Looks like ya’ll did a did a great job of unpacking the kitchen quickly!

    Angel looks exhausted!


  6. Oops-what happened to the pipes and all the slush???

    What a fancy meal for newly moved couple!

    Cool door mats.

    Don’t the kitchen overhead lights work? It looks dark in the kitchen.

    You go girl;wash those windows, mop that floor!



  7. Yum! Melon and Prosciuto!

    I love the NM tea towels!

    Enjoy the first night on your new flo bed!


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