Posted by: Lance Vaughn | August 27, 2007

Worship Music

We’re working on a playlist of contemporary Christian worship music and would love to hear your thoughts. What are your favorite songs from Church or the radio? We’ll keep our list updated on our Worship Music page (in the menu on the right.) God bless everyone!



  1. I find that many of my favorite contemporary Christian tunes are the stirring traditional hymns with which I grew up: Onward Christian Soldiers, Faith of Our Fathers, Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace, and many others listed at

    A traditional worship tune that became my new favorite while in Hartford, Connecticut, is (A Walk) In the Garden, ( which Lea requested when Pat & Carl Monin visited her in the ICU and Carl offered to sing her a hymn. At that time she was closer to Him than she was to us, and the memory of that request continues to bring tears to my eyes and peace to my heart.

    Bless you for this effort to bring together a meaningful collection of worship and praise tunes in His honor! May the joy of God’s peace and love continue to grow and flourish through this ministry, and may His abundant blessings continue to flow through it to those who will hear Him.

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