Posted by: Lance Vaughn | January 7, 2008

Baby Steps

Now that the Holidays have passed and things are beginning to settle back down, we thought we’d post a new Benjamin video. We’ve gotta tell you, we’re having a lot of fun watching him grow up a little bit each and every day. We all know about “baby steps”, but witnessing your very own baby grow up right before your eyes is truly an amazing experience. In this video, Benjamin wakes up from a nap in his swing (this was just too cute to leave out) and then shows us how he can raise his head and look around and smile and kick and coo and interact with his new best friend the lion and then, this morning, seemingly out of nowhere, he starts using his hands… even turning his wrist. Baby steps! How fun!

It should be relatively obvious at this point that all we do now is stand around and stare at Benjamin, and it’s actually quite delightful. Wow. How times have changed. =)

A quick production note on the video: The clip with Benjamin on his tummy by the tree was taken in mid-December when he was only seven weeks old, while all the others were taken within the last few days. Even though he’s only three weeks younger, you can see how his face hadn’t filled out as much and he was still working pretty hard to keep his head up. Also, if you look close, you can see how I keep moving the camera to where he’s looking instead of him following the camera. That’s why I really love the clip where he’s waking up from his nap, because you can tell he’s really aware of his surroundings and is able to focus on a particular object and study it. Do I sound like a proud Daddy?

Music by Aaron Shust and Feist.



  1. Benjamin is ssssoooooo CUTE!!!! Sure do LOVE him! The video captures him so well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Granmom

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