Elvie Mixes


The first and some say the best.
Back in Cincinnati, life was about
how much one could extract from
any given day.
I spent a lot of time
ironing these tracks together
with various sound effects
and soundscape ambience.
Life back then was one lounge party
after another.

cyber lounge (2002)

no track listing available


For several years, my favorite electronic bands
seemed to fall off the radar altogether.
In an interesting twist of fate,
several of them reappeared in 2003.
This is a compilation of this resurgence,
along with a few other items
that had touched me over time,
introduced by a remix of
our very own brown van breakdown. Wow.

electronx2k3 (2003)

brown van breakdown – falling rain (tristraum remix)

cause and effect – into the light

toy – another lovesong

camouflage – me and you

perfidious words – without pride (bee-sting mix)

cause and effect – stay

persona – she’s there (mantra mix)

sea of sin – i live my life

de/vision – drifting sideways (toytoburger wald mix)

camouflage – blink

wolfsheim – i won’t believe

cause and effect – long way down

wolfsheim – i tried

martin gore – oh my love (john lennon)

martin gore – das lied vom einsamen madchen (nico)

martin gore – by this river (brian eno)

camouflage – lost

martin gore – i cast a lonesome shadow (instrumental)


This CD started out as a quick
compilation for my friend Larry
who was stuck in Iraq without any of the
latest tunes.
These songs are accessible…
a few were even on the radio.
They reminded me of something
my buddy would listen to…
and, to me, for whatever reason,
they smelled of beer.
Even today… they still make we
want to drink beer…
and I like that.

not a blank cd (2004)

Babylon – David Gray

Horizon Has Been Defeated – Jack Johnson

Gold To Me – Ben Harper

New Deep – John Mayer

Where’s Summer Been? – Ben Folds Five

Look Around – Blues Traveler

Crazy Women – Jupiter Coyote

It Takes a Train to Cry – Noah Hunt and Jason Dennie

Out for the Afternoon – Wide Awake

Bubble Toes – Jack Johnson

Back on the Train – Phish

Nightingale Song – Toad the Wet Sprocket

It’s Alright – Big Head Todd and The Monsters

Vineyard – Jackopierce

Ship in the Bottle – Jupiter Coyote

Please Forgive Me – David Gray

Sweet Harmony – King Zero

Defied – Noah Hunt and Jason Dennie

Asleep (Acoustic) – Godsmack


This compilation existed in the back
of my mind for many years.
All the songs that had
touched my heart
and made me melt.
Perfect, in my opinion,
for that private space.
No public opinion need apply.
Hit play and disappear.
See you there.

in this private space (2004)

Wiser – Halou

Roads – Portishead

into Dust – Mazzy Star

Woman in Chains – Tears for Fears

Know These Things – Maxwell

Winter Kills – Yaz

By This River – Brian Eno

Wake Up – Mad Season

Chile – Toad the Wet Sprocket

St Jarna – Depeche Mode

Falling – Julee Cruise

I Love You – Sarah McLachlan

It Can’t Rain All The Time – Jane Siberry

Absence of Fear – Jewel

You’ll Be Loved Again – Cowboy Junkies

Inside Looking Out – Mark Hollis


This is without a doubt the most fun
compilation I ever made.
Many people say electronic music is cheesy.
Well, this is where that assumption comes from.
For those of us who love electronic
music, this will hit a certain place
in our heart that will keep us
happy for days.
Cuz, by gosh, by golly, everything is good.
And fun.

Lettuce frolic, shall we?

Frolicking with the Cheeses (2005)

Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix by Beck) – Air

Xenophobic – Nasa

Apple (Worm Hole Mix) – Cosmicity

Hold You (OMD) – Color Theory

Magic Moments (Perry Como) – Erasure

Watch Your Back (Electric Flow Mix) – Avant Garde

Whole Again – Atomic Kitten

Show Me the Way – Bad Boys Blue

Something Here – Color Theory

Talking Loud and Clear – OMD

How Many Times – Erasure

Only You – Yaz

I Felt The Pain (Anything Box) – Color Theory

See You – Depeche Mode

My Secret Garden (Depeche Mode) – Beborn Beton

Still In Time – Neuropa

Whispering Your Name – Alison Moyet

Sunday Morning – OMD

Hope – Anything Box


Possibly my favorite CD of all time.
This compilation really encapsulates
my existence in 2005.
Relax… and take in life…
one sunset at a time.
Grill out if you can.
Food is fun.

sunset bbq (2005)

Don’t Panic – Coldplay

Misread – Kings of Convenience

Tuesday, October 24th – Clem Snide

Easy Love – Badly Drawn Boy

Secret – Maroon 5

Love for Granted – Phoenix

Crawling – Scapegoat Wax

Rainbow – Jack Johnson & G Love

Shade and Honey – Lou Barlow

Blackwater – David Sylvian

Even After All – Finley Quaye

The Cove – Jack Johnson

Hummingbird – Wilco

The Past and Pending – The Shins

Cayman Islands – Kings of Convenience

Gold for the Price of Silver – Kings of Convenience

This is that New Song – Badly Drawn Boy

Bird Stealing Bread – Iron & Wine

All the Vicious Dogs – Will Oldham

Parachutes – Coldplay

We Never Change – Coldplay

It’s a Wonderful Life – Sparklehorse


I made this compilation after
returning from my honeymoon,
but it (like most others) is a product
of several months of contemplation.
This is the first attempt, however,
at breaking my own mold.
Can you have a slow song at Track 2?
Can the second-to-the-last song be not-slow?
The cover image is taken from our backyard in Austin…

electro.six (2006)



















In the works for over a year,
this one picks up where Sunset BBQ ends.
When you spend this long on a music mix,
it really starts to work its way deep
into your psyche.
This one is packed full of sounds, feelings,
and lyrics that are a part of who I am today.

Make an iTunes playlist, sit back and unfold.

Temporarily available for download at

unfold (2007)

Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch

Sixteen Maybe Less – Calexico and Iron & Wine

Constellations – Jack Johnson

A Benediction – Winterpills

Dewdrops – Ashton Allen

Come With Me Tonight – Bob Scheider

Holdin On – Citizen Cope

Beautiful Son – Tenderfoot

Shrug – Ida

Bedshaped – Keane

Song For You – Alexi Murdoch

You Can Bring Me Flowers – Ray LaMontagne

Star Mile – Joshua Radin

Maybelle – Ida

Till Kingdom Come – Coldplay

Bird Never Flies – Ari Hest

Anglin Toward the Light – Bob Schneider

When We Become – Clem Snide

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